The kegelmaster is unique in that it is the only device of its kind that offers 15 different levels of resistance so you can maximize your pelvic floor strength. It is the only device with a patented fully adjustable safety knob to ensure the device doesn’t pop open inside you (which can happen with other cheaper imitations). The adjustable knob also allows you to fully extend your muscles for the best possible results. It is made in the USA from FDA-approved medical grade plastic, as opposed to others which are made in China from cheaper plastics. It is also ISO compliant which makes it the safest product of its kind on the market. The manufacturers of the Kegelmaster offer a US$100,000.00 challenge to anyone manufacturing a similar product to prove it is equal to or superior to the Kegelmaster, this challenge has never been taken up!!
Pregnant women should consult their physician prior to use. During the six week postpartum period after the birth of a baby or for a minimum of six weeks after genitourinary or pelvic surgical procedures, unless specifically recommended by your physician, the Kegelmaster should not be used. Also, when using other intravaginal devices such as tampons, diaphragms, pessaries, and women with a history of urinary tract infections.
Yes, it will work for any woman with the determination and desire to strengthen and tone the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle, resulting in freedom from embarrassing incontinence, a tighter vagina, enhanced sexual pleasure, and greater confidence.
After a few short uses of the Kegelmaster, women with incontinence will no longer suffer from embarrassing leaks, and vaginal strength and sexual power will be theirs! After the first use of 15 minutes prior to sexual intercourse women will notice that their partner’s penis feels much larger, while the men will feel a tighter embrace. There may also be an increase in sensitivity and a more intense orgasm after the first week using the Kegelmaster.
If you are unable to get any movement, you may be starting off on too high a tension. Try going back one setting at a time until you can close the Kegelmaster. If you are on the lowest setting and you still can’t move it you may be using the wrong muscles. Some women initially have the instinct to do an abdominal push, this is not a Kegel contraction, but an improper movement which can cause the unit to slip out. Hold the unit in place with your hand until you are able to do a proper Kegel contraction. Another fun way is to try a vibrator to touch the clitoris which will cause an involuntary contraction and the unit will move. This imitates a perfect Kegel contraction!
All muscles in the body will atrophy (get weak, soft, and lose tone) without exercise. Make a commitment to use the Kegelmaster for the rest of your life. Someday you will look back and realize you’ve made one of the best decisions of your life!
You could lose some or all of the amazing benefits you have gained from using the Kegelmaster as like any muscle without exercise, your pelvic muscle will eventually go back to where it was before you started.
There are small capillaries at the surface of the vaginal tissue. When an amount of pressure is put against the tissue some spotting may occur. This is nothing to worry about, this can also happen during sexual intercourse. The Kegelmaster may produce some soreness or slight discomfort, no more than exercising any other part of the body at the gym. If it hurts, stop for a few days, and lower the spring resistance until it is comfortable to use. Using the Kegelmaster will become pleasurable, fun, and sexually exciting. Enjoy!
NO! The whole idea is to allow the vaginal muscles to extend as far as possible without pain, then contract. The control knob will allow adjustment in the amount the vaginal muscles will be extended. A well extended muscle that is exercised in any part of the body will always grow stronger. Using the Kegelmaster to open the vagina will never stretch or make the vagina larger or cause any damage to the muscles of the vagina.
Handwash the Kegelmaster with warm soap and water before and after each use. The adjustable bolt and springs are made of surgical grade stainless steel and will not rust or corrode.
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